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Published By: Tara Books

Story: Gita Wolf / Dulari Devi

Illustrations: Dulari Devi


I was happy doing it, but more than that, I was so proud that people wanted to know about me and what I thought.   




In a Sentence: Dulari Devi’s journey from the life of a domestic help to that of an artist.


What is it About: It’s a visual ‘autobiography’ (Gita Wolf’s text is based on Dulari Devi’s oral narrative) of the artist, who didn’t begin her life as one. Given her name, she surely must have been the darling daughter of her poor parents, though she doesn’t mention it in this story. What she does mention (and bring alive with her Madhubani styled paintings) are glimpses of her tough childhood, her strong desire to paint, her chance meeting with an artist which was the turning point in her life, and her life thereon.


What makes it snuggly: The story both is moving and inspiring. Two things come about strongly in the narrative: Dulari’s uneading quest for a creative outlet, and once the means is within her reach, how she uses true vignettes from her past to help her further in her new quest for perfection.


What Stands Out: What stands out is Dulari Devi’s honesty: she knows it’s her hard work that has brought her this far, and therefore, that her pride in her work is not misplaced. The illustrations are one of the finest Madhubani styled paintings to have been rendered in a book form. Take time over each frame to see the super fine and detailed inking work that’s gone into it.


Will be best enjoyed by: 6 years +


Love Ratings?

Ha Ha! Quotient: 2

Touches The Heart: 4

Cuts through the Clutter: 4

Visual Appeal: 4

Encore Quotient: 3

Thank God it’s not moral science: 4

Hey, this is a really important book!: 5

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