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Richa Jha 

I am a writer and editor and I nurture an insane love for picture books. When not day-dreaming of writing a thousand (yeah, really) of these in a day, I’m sure to be found curled up with a few of my favourites. I am, by now, immune to my kids’ constant refrain of  ‘Grow up, Mamma!’

I love picture books, and want the world to fall in love with them as well. Snuggle With Picture Books is a natural extension of this madness. The Indian parents, teachers and kids are warming up to loads and loads of Indian picture books beginning to fill up the shelves in bookshops. It’s about time we had a dedicated platform to it.

Do visit my website Richa Jha for more. I can be reached at richajha.jha@gmail.com or @RichajhaJha on Twitter.



Snuggle With Picture Books

The idea behind the website is to try and feature every picture book (in English) out there in the Indian market. Usually, only a few titles end up getting talked about everywhere, be it because of their true merit, or some very good promotion, or some well-known names associated with them. There are many other deserving titles that get left out in the visibility-race. This website views every single book out there as being deserving of being ‘seen’ and celebrated.

Happy snuggling 🙂


 Kunal Kundu

And here’s our man behind those lovely illustrations that you see on the slider headers and elsewhere on this website: 34 years old Kunal Kundu is a self-taught artist who studied animation film design from the National Institute of Design (NID), a premier designschoolofIndia. He started his career by making promos for Channel [V], MTV, CNN-IBN and moved on to making short animation films for Galli Galli Sim Sim, the Indian leg of Sesame Street and illustrating children’s books. Presently he works mostly as an artist, drawing what he fancies, and sometimes as a designer to pay his bills. His body of work doesn’t have a definite style, and he considers versatility to be a virtue.

Like a true Bengali, he loves his fish…both for a meal, and for a pet! It’s the exotic cichlids for the aquarium, while for the dinner plate, even a shark will do!




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  1. Found you!

    Fabulous Richa… Keep it up

  2. hi ! richa .. loved it, its out of the world congrats… pls skeep me up dated
    love you all

  3. Hi Richa,

    Wow, this is fantastic.

    This is a trip down the memory lane, Whispers…., Best Friends…, Tale of Tails and oh…so many fruits from Wisdom Tree. A wonderful window to the picture perfect world of picture books:)

    Will look forward to the updates


    • Gosh Nandini, don’t know how I missed this one in the sea of all the spam messages that keep coming! Thanks so so much. Yes, all these books are your babies, aren’t they?:)

  4. keep writing Richa….

  5. Gr8 work richa.

  6. Hi, Richa.
    Can’t track down my notes about it, but didn’t we touch base about you participating in my blog later this fall? Is so, and if you are still interested, send me an email or message me via contact tab on the blog: http://UnpackingPictureBookPower.blogspot.com