Jul 112012

Published By: Tara Books

Story: Anushka Ravishankar

Illustrations: Gabrielle Manglou



I hope you’ve learnt your lesson, son…

Eeeeeeeek! Now what have you done!!!




In a Sentence: A zany tribute to the indefatigable excuse-churning spirit of kids.


What is it About: Excuses Excuses is every bit true to its name, making the unbelievable believable because that’s exactly how our kids try their luck with us each time we confront them with, ‘So, what’s your excuse this time!’


We can’t fault our young man Neel, for not trying. He does try his earnest best to be good! Every Sunday, he finds himself in the dock (that boring punishment chair in the corner) reflecting on these three things:

1)      the week that was to have been, with his perfectly-firm, perfectly-genuine resolves (in perfect time for school, a perfect obedient pupil, a perfect helpful son, and so on);

2)      the week that was (late again for school, a not-so-obedient pupil yet again, a not-quite-helpful son yet again, and so on);

and 3) the new week that will be with his fresh resolves!


Form and language: Anushka Ravishankar is back again with verse that screams FUNNY from the word go. The excuses are crazy, they are absurd, but they are also real, because kids come up with these all the time! Anushka speaks their language and articulates their minds.


What makes it snuggly: The quirky scrap-bookish feel that Gabrielle Manglou brings to the pages. Because we have a ‘real’ Neel, it draws the reader into his very believable world. Scraps of elements from his day that has been lies scattered around the page, making the look as zany as the text.


What Stands Out: That Neel really does want to be a good boy. He can’t help it if things just happen to him!


Will be best enjoyed by: Kids, all of them in all shapes and sizes. And by parents, who will love Neel’s excuses because haven’t we all, oh-good-God, found ourselves faced with similar self-condoning explanations muttered with such seemingly innocent alacrity for crimes that get committed inside and outside the house all the time.


From snuggly to snugglier: Get your child to jot down all the excuses they remember you making every now-and-then for things you don’t want to do. ‘Not now son, I have a headache.’ / ‘Oh I couldn’t bake that cake today because the oven went phut.’ / ‘We can’t go the amusement park today because there is some mechanical fault there and they’ve had to close it down for this weekend.’ Really. You’ll be surprised you haven’t been sent to that dreaded corner seat yet!


Love Ratings?

Ha Ha! Quotient: 5

Touches The Heart Quotient: 3

Cuts Through The Clutter: 5

Visual Appeal: 4

Encore Quotient: 4

Thank God it’s not moral science: 5

Hey, this is a really important book!’: 3

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