Jul 112012

Published By: Pratham / Read India 

Story: Kanchan Bannerjee

Illustrations: Avik Kumar Maitra


Where did the ball go?



In a Sentence: Suma looks everywhere for her ball that rolls off her hands.


What is it About: One of the bilingual books by Pratham (English-Hindi), this one takes a child through the by lanes of a town, along with Roma and her friends, in search of the red ball.


Form and language: Simple words and sentences for little ones to pick up. These get reinforced by the illustrations, making it easy for her to understand words like ‘under’ ‘behind’, ‘in’ and so on.


Will be best enjoyed by: 2-4 years.


From snuggly to snugglier: The activity suggested at the back of the book sounds like fun – hide a ball somewhere in a room and have the little ones look for it.


Love Ratings:

Ha Ha! Quotient: 2

Touches The Heart: 3

Cuts Through The Clutter: 2

Visual Appeal: 2

Encore Quotient: 3

Thank God it’s not moral science: 5

Show, don’t tell: 2

Hey, this is a really important book!: 3

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