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Ahhhhhh! Despite my strongest resolve to feature only picture books on this website, I’m buckling under the delight of holding some truly gorgeous illustrated story books in my hands and there’s no way I can hold myself back!

Click here to know more about how an illustrated story book is different from a picture book – I know I am being priggish in all this fuss over picture books and illustrated story books. But hey, it’s my blog so I can be what I want 🙂 To me, the criterion is simple: if I can read the story from cover to cover without needing to look at the accompanying illustrations to understand everything, the book, my dear friends, does not pass my picture book muster.

So here’s the deal. I will NOT post detailed reviews for these books. And will do my pick and choose. Only the ones that made my heart go all gooey will get featured. Most of the books here are included because of their gorgeous illustrations (which work very well for illustrated story books but not for picture books). 

This link below takes you to another blog of mine where I’ve got them all mapped together:

Snuggle With Indian Illustrated Story Books (Please note that I no longer use this blogspot, and the recent reviews are all on the main Snuggle With Picture Books website. )


Scroll down for individual titles:

A Jar of Sound

A Poster Boy

A Royal Deck

Amma, Tell Me About Ramayana!

How and Why


Nine and a Half Fingers

Pavo and Cavo

Pchak! Pchak!

Rescue By Design

Tales of Historic Delhi

The Adventures of Toto the Auto

The Story and the Song

When Ali Became Bajrangbali








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