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Published By: Wisdom Tree / Liitle Monks on the Wisdom Tree

Story: Samina Mishra

Illustrations: Sandhya Sethumadhavan


‘It’s magic!’ thought Madhav.




In a Sentence: Why can’t you see the blink-and-you-miss magic inside Madhav’s red balloon, Amma?


What is it About: When Madhav and his Amma are walking down the street, a red bobbing balloon in tow, Madhav sees magic on the road, in the sky and in the vegetable basket. Poor Amma is too busy talking on the phone to see any of it, of course. Aren’t we grown-ups always too busy to miss the little joys of life! Is it because there is no magic in the real world? Or is it, that we let go of our red balloons too easily, and too soon…


What makes it snuggly: Little Madhav (with his podgy hands) looking through his balloon. Look at those eager eyes. And look at the absolutely magical world inside the balloon.


What Stands Out: The way Samina makes her little Madhav alive to the possibility of magic at every step. And Sandhya Sethumadhavan’s deliciously rich illustrations.


Will be best enjoyed by: 4-6 year olds. And by anybody who has experienced that (one or several) magic moment in life.


From snuggly to snugglier: Talk about your magic moments with your child; get her to talk about hers. Besides that, there is an engaging activity for the child at the end of the book. That pretty much takes care of this section 🙂


Love ratings?

Ha Ha! Quotient: 3

Touches the heart: 4

Cuts through the Clutter: 4

Visual Appeal: 3

Real-world dream-world balance: 5

Encore Quotient: 4

Thank God it’s not moral science: 5

Show, don’t tell: 3

Hey, this is a really important book!: 3

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