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Published By: Katha

Story: Geeta Dharmarajan 

Illustrations: Harshavardhan Kadam



And so there we were, all four of us, going round and round…the Moon!



In a Sentence: Pet dog Ramu and his little mistress’s flight of fancy, right up to the moon.


What is it About: It’s about sneak peek into the way a child’s imagination runs wild and unbridled. In this case, we can blame it all on the moon! So a moonstruck girl hears her equally moonstruck pet express his desire to go on the moon. “‘All sorts of people go there, fromAmerica andRussia. I think we should too,’ he said.” Thereon starts their adventure which ends up involving Nana’s chair, the table, the stool, Amma’s almira, the Nana, the fat Amma, and the moonbeam itself.


Form and language: Words and sentences fly and twist and turn in the shadow of the brightly lit moon in pretty much the same way as our characters do. Children will love it. The words lend themselves to a natural rhythm, which makes for a pleasing reading-aloud. ‘She scrambled onto the almira, the table, the stool and then she jumped…’


What makes it snuggly: Nana’s dhoti. The woolly Scooby-doo-esque Ramu!


What Stands Out: The perspective of the illustrations. Harshvardhan Kadam brings a lingering 3-D depth into the pages by capturing the girl’s world from some incredibly interesting perspectives – looking up from under the table, looking down from the moon, from up in the dark skies, or from the base of a hill! The colours are dark (it’s dead in the night, remember?), but the pages are warm and luminous. You won’t forget the illustrations in a hurry!


Will be best enjoyed by: Dreamers of all shapes and sizes.


From snuggly to snugglier:

Let the kids figure out their own (many) ways of getting to the moon. And don’t feel upset if you, the fat and round mom, are politely asked to stay away from their magic paths.

And all you grannies out there – time to bring out all the moon stories out of the story hat.


Love Ratings?

Ha Ha! Quotient: 3

Touches The Heart Quotient: 3

Cuts Through The Clutter Quotient: 4

Visual Appeal: 4

Real-world dream-world balance Quotient: 4

Encore Quotient: 4

Thank God it’s not moral science: 5

Show, don’t tell: 3

Hey, this is a really important book: 3

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