Jul 102012

Published By: Tulika Books

Story, Illustrations:   Taruja Parande


My grandfather was not the president, not a scientist, not a hero, nor a saint. He was just very special because he was mine.




In a Sentence: A loving grand daughter’s way of saying, ‘I miss you Aajoba.’

What is it About: Taruja Parande collates snatches of the vivid memory of her Aajoba, his photographs, his words, scraps of paper, articles, other items that remind her of him, and decorates them together in the form of this book. It’s the kind of scrapbook you and I have always wanted to make of people who mean the world to us, but have never got around to doing it.

What Stands Out:  The compelling unpredictability of the form and content of this predictable book. It’s both terribly moving and unsettling at the same time. Look too closely and linger over the pages, it’ll make you cry. Skim too fast, and it’ll leave you aching for more. Not because you suddenly wish that the Aajoba in this book was your own Baba, but because you know that there is a similar Aajoba and Aaji in each of our lives. And that maybe, we’ve not done enough to cast those precious fickle memories in stone. Or on paper.


Will be best enjoyed by: 6 years + ; Actually, there can’t possibly be any one who won’t find an instant connect with this book.

Love Ratings?

Ha Ha! Quotient: 3

Touches The Heart : 5

Cuts Through The Clutter : 5

Visual Appeal: 4

Encore Quotient: 4

Thank God it’s not moral science’ Quotient: 5

Hey, this is a really important book!’ Quotient: 4




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