Oct 172012

Story: Padmini Mongia

Illustrations: Anita Varma

Published: Young Zubaan , Apeejay Press

Rs 195

Baby Crocodile had a little smile playing around her snout but never opened it. She just stared and stared.



In a sentence: The cutest croc family, wise granny down to the silent little baby, in our part of the world!



Book Blurb:

Baby Crocodile has a problem. She just won’t open her mouth! Mama and Papa Crocodile try everything, but Baby just stares and stares. 

Sounds like a job for Grandma! With a little bit of know-how and the help of some friendly frogs, the family is soon set right with a smacking, big crocodile kiss – that goes: pchak! pchak!



What works for this book: It’s the subtle humour in Padmini’s words as the crisis unfolds in Mama and Papa Crocodile’s lives. The calm, patient and wise Grandma rocks, as most grandmas do! There is just so much family love and bonding in this story without so much as a suggestion of it from the author, that it makes you want to read it again and again and again (just look at the granny hug the little one or the family huddled together!). Anita’s illustrations capture the love, the thrill, anxiety, the relief and every other emotion in between well. A better page design would have made the book look spectacular, but even in the present form, this book will make you smile each time you and your child read it together. And when two large tears roll down Mama Crocodile’s snout, remember, those are no crocodile tears 🙂

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