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  1. It’s great to find sonomee so on the ball

  2. No jews are controlling my brain. Obviously, jews are powerless to prevent me from reading your blog! Personally, I think that the jews are a bogeyman threat. Then why have you made the same strawman argument that every other anti-anti-semite makes? If it’s not mind control it must be in the training pamphlet they hand out at anti-anti-semite school, because that argument is as ubiquitous as it is stupid.

  3. I really like this site, but I have been having some problems viewing your post lately, I am using google chrome, please fix the issue if you can.

    • Francisco AMX disse:Wald! como que tá amigo!?? beleza!? espero que sim!Sobre o Rafale, dados divergentes são da conta de mach 1,8 a 2+eu acredito que pela potência, melhor aermidnâoica, menor arrasto, maior potência, o Rafale tende a se igualar as seus predecessores, M2000 (mach2,2) e Mirage III (idem).Abraço

    • zerb, arrêtez de nous embrouiller !â–º Et tenez pour exact que l’entrée dans le Monde des (ex)acteurs se faisait par un propylée hexastyle.[pour faire dans le style i®onique]

  4. If you go to the bottom of the preliminary program you will see a note on costs. As you can see, most of the cost is from hotels and meals (and getting there of course).Paris costs would be similar and I will add a note in the next revision to that program.

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