Jul 112012

Published By: Karadi Tales

Story: Shobha Viswanath

Illustrations: Christine Tappin


Amma, I heard Sandhya say

That I’m not your daughter, I’m a stray. 




What is it About: It’s a heartwarming tale of a girl who suddenly learns that her family is not hers, her parents are not hers. But what she realizes over the course of this book is that love and belongingness go beyond blood ties.


Form and language: In verse


What makes it snuggly: The way in which every member of the family steps up to reassure Gulgul of the genuine love they feel for her.


What Stands Out: Christine Tappin’s illustrations, though sparse, carry lovely pastel hues which add a touch of both warmth and affection in the story of this close-knit family. She has also used some very interesting perspectives from which to capture the scene of action – most evocative are the ones framed from the top, which leads the eyes naturally into the ample open spaces all around left deliberately spartan.   


From snuggly to snugglier: This book is a good way to talk about sensitive issues like adoption and foster parents and the like.


Love Ratings?

Ha Ha! Quotient: 2

Touches The Heart Quotient: 4

Cuts Through The Clutter Quotient: 4

The visual appeal: 4

Encore Quotient: 3

Thank God it’s not moral science: 3

Hey, this is a really important book!: 4



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